Per Finished Hour (PFH) Explained

Audiobooks take a long time to record, sometimes twice as long or more as the finished product.

For example, if you have a five hour audiobook, it can often take the narrator seven, eight, or even more than ten hours to record, correct, edit and process all of the audio chapters for final publication.

However, in a “per finished hour” arrangement, when the narrator is paid, he or she is only paid for the final, “finished” hour of audio.  So even though it may have taken them ten hours to complete the book, if it is only five hours of finished audio, they get paid their “per hour” fee times five hours.


Amount of time taken to record, edit, process and upload the completed audiobook:  Eight hours.

Final running time of the completed audiobook (including credits):  Five hours.

Per Finished Hour Fee:  $175 per finished hour.

Amount due:  $875  (5 * $175)