What “How to Be an Audiobook Narrator” attendees have said about the workshop:

“I found the class incredibly informative…. Even though I have zero sound recording or editing experience, I really feel comfortable setting up my own home studio… Thank you for the very thorough introduction to the audio book world, and for sharing your time and expertise.”
-Jamie Carter

“[A] real eye opener…It was fascinating and seems to be one of the rare areas where one can make money without an awful lot of competition if you’re good or savvy.”
-Ron Beecher

“The seminar was terrific! Your knowledge of the subjected is encyclopedic, your passionate enthusiasm contagious and your presentation informative and wildly entertaining…I’m very glad I attended.”
– Kevin O’Brien

“This seminar was a fabulous idea… You imparted a treasure trove of information about the ins and outs of this business that would be so hard to come by in any other context… Your seminar really opened the door for me. Thanks for opening my eyes to the possibilities!”
– Rick Peeples

“Phenomenal workshop presented masterfully.”
– Lisamarie Schultz

This class was exactly what I needed to get me into audiobook narrating. Too often I’ve gone to classes that want to teach you A, B, and C so you can go do F, but don’t explain how to do D and E. Walking through the step by step process of how to do the narrating as well as explaining the logic behind it all, enabled me to set up a profile and start recording the next day. And I’ve already landed a book offer!”

-Megan Mackie

“You’ll walk in hoping you can do this — you’ll walk out knowing how.”

Mary Anne Bowman

“I heartily recommend everyone learning here from Mr. Theis. It’s hugely informative and expertly shared.”
– Ronald Keaton

Highly recommended.  This workshop is packed with helpful information…Kevin’s energetic, creative and fun presentation gave me hope that I could do this work and his supportive attitude as a teacher is encouraging and builds confidence.”

– Marc Rita

Phenomenal workshop presented masterfully.”  – Lisamarie Schultz

Take.  This.  Class.”
– Gabriel Morrison