Siiri Scott

Siiri Scott is the Head of Acting and Directing at the University of Notre Dame in the Department of Film, Television and Theatre, where she has taught acting, voice and movement and directed shows for the last 20 years. She lives in Chicago where she directs, coaches public speaking, and narrates audiobooks.  

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Representative titles:

Brilliance Audio
Return To Your Skin (2017- in prod)
Roses of May (2017- out soon)
Burnt Land (2017)
Ashes (2016)
Finding Libbie (2016)

Beyond Justice Thomas (2017)

Elevate Publishing
Admission by Design (2016)

Green Doctor’s Guide to Essential Oils (2016)
Meditation for Beginners (2016)
Chakras for Beginners (2016)
She Knows   (2016)

Rate:         Royalty Share (subject to production) and Per Finished Hour (TBD)

Sample Track:

Style(s):      Fiction, Historical Fiction, Non-Fiction

Accents:     Siiri is a professional dialect coach, so most required accents are not a problem.   Examples:  British (RP), Estuary, Cockney, Irish, Australian, Finnish, and most of US.

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