Kevin Theis

For over 25 years, Kevin has been an actor, director, writer and producer in Chicago. As a narrator, Kevin was one of the longest serving performers in the “Stories on Stage” program for the public radio station WBEZ and currently has over 150 titles currently available on Audible.
Representative titles:   “Confessions of a Transylvanian,” “Walden,” “The Prince,” “Common Sense,” “White Fang,” “Call of the Wild
Rate:               Royalty Share and/or $150 PFH rate
Samples:         (See website above)
Style(s):           Storyteller, instructional, documentary style or dramatic (upon request)
Accents:          American, American Southern, Western, British (upper and lower class), Irish, French, Italian, Russian, German and more
Extras:             Music and special effects can be provided (higher rates may apply)