Remote Workshops

Traveling to Chicago to take the “How to Become an Audiobook Narrator” workshop is not an option for many people.  That is why we have developed the “Remote Workshop” version, which allows you to get all of the same training you would get from the seminar here in Chicago…in your very own home.

Similar to the “At Home” workshop, you will have the chance to get all of the training offered in the live seminar…delivered live to your laptop or computer.

For a smaller fee than the live Audiobook workshop, you can log in remotely and receive a one-on-one version of the full workshop in one, three-hour session.

We will discuss all the same topics covered in the full seminar, including:

* How to locate and audition for available audiobook projects on
* The ACX payment process, including by-the-finished hour, royalty share and “bounty” payments for narrators
* Audio recording, editing and processing equipment (hardware and software) necessary to produce high quality audiobooks
* How to set up and utilize a home recording studio
* How to edit, create, process and upload audio files for auditions and audiobook production
* A primer on seeking out the larger, professional (and union) audiobook houses across the country
* Using music, sound effects and vocal effects to enhance finished pieces

All of the same information offered in the live seminar is included in this tutorial, with the exception of the final night’s sample audio production offered only at the Foxhole workshop.

Otherwise, you will receive all of the same tips, recommendations, search tools and technological shortcuts that you will need to become a professional audiobook narrator.

To set up a time, contact me directly at